Project Location          : Tanzania, kigongonivillage, Monduli District, Arusha region

Applicant’s Postal and Physical Address:P.O. Box 16245, Arusha –Tanzania


Contact number   : +255 788 402118

Project Duration: 3 months

Total Project Budget: ($12,785.34)

Amount Requested:   ($13540)

Community Contribution: $ 400


The project site is approximately 2 km East  of Mto wa Mbu village  centre and 800m from the house of the project funder Saidi Ramadhani Juma. The project will be identified to be the Daycare for children’s neighborhood and community in Mto wa mbu Village. One of the top most problems affecting children’s in my community is lack of care taker during the working days of their parents as they leave early in the morning for work and get back in evening and which leads children’s to roam around street .This is a reasons as why I want to establish this project within the targeted area. We will going to have caretakers, cleaners, chef, teachers and staff at our centre.

The main objective of the project in the long term is to accommodate over 50 children’s in a centre  from age of 2-4 years in my community by provide care,education,love,meals,sport  during the time when their parents busy at work. Children’s will be at a centre from morning to evening till their parents will come to pick them and take them home. We will have trained qualify caretakers to ensure sanitation and protection issue are encourage and teachers with their education teaching certificate’s.

The centers will going to have 2 classroom, office, kitchen, washroom’s for boys and girls,

Staff washroom, playground, furniture’s, learning materials and games, Tv and transport for childrens who live far from the project etc.

After project is accomplished parents will have to pay small fee to generate income in order to pay staff salaries, buy food for children’s and teaching materials.

The total budget of the project is $   12,785.34   as we have a land already to build a center.

Mwamby Day Care Centre request a grant of $ 3540   from the people and organizations of good will.

Day care centre will be managed by Directors, board’s members and other staff.